Survival Food

5 Responses to Survival Food

  1. Tamzia says:

    love the pic but would like a bit of infomation on what it is and how it was made.

  2. Anonymous says:

    thank you for the beautiful food. Yes. i like more info about plant names.

  3. Barry Davies says:

    Great to see frsh raw food and green smoothies. I have just been to the Doctor and he said I had revirsed my sugar and cholesterloe by green smoothies. I grow my own food in my Ezygrow raised gardens at home.

  4. Live on Corn Island, Nicaragua with absolutely no fresh greens to purchase but a lot of bush plants… problem is knowing which I can use for cooked greens and salads. Is there a site that has pictures of many on one page? Can anyone help with this?

  5. laura says:

    Beautiful food!!!

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