The Virtuous – David Garrett

I am not a classical music lover, actually not even a listener, but lately I have started appreciating it. Though, I didn’t even know I liked violin music! Yesterday, I bought the CD “Rock Symphonies” and I think it’s breathtaking! It shows me, that there is no reason, why classical music should look down on rock music. I never really thought I would enjoy his music as much as I have. He makes it so magical, so fun, beautiful and exciting all at the same time. His classical pieces are magnificent… his pop/rock pieces are spectacular!

David Garrett is a violin player from Aachen, Germany, who has been called “the David Beckham of the classical scene.” He is more of a rock star than a classical violinist, and he does sell out both intimate classical and vast rock venues. At the age of 31, violinist David Garrett has already had two careers. He signed to the classical label Deutsche Grammophon when he was 13, which led to him recording Mozart concertos and Paganini’s Caprices and playing concerts with the world’s leading orchestras. But today, you’re as likely to find him in a sports arena playing music from his Rock Symphonies album to shrieking hordes of fans as to hear him exploring Beethoven’s violin concerto in some stately concert hall.

Here are two music videos that I though some of you might enjoy (I know I did).

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2 Responses to The Virtuous – David Garrett

  1. wally says:

    I love his music! es una persona muy talentosa. Me gustaria verlo en alguno de sus conciertos.

    • Zoom says:

      Me too!
      Isn’t he amazing? This man is incredible and I cannot believe that I have the chance to listen to his music.

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