I’ve reached 50,000 hits! Thank you Readers!

Morning my marvelous readers!! I just want to thank you for helping my blog reach 50,000 hits (my numbers are not nearly as impressive as many new blogs are, but I am so glad) I really appreciated it. But the biggest thanks of all go to YOU, the reader, who keeps coming back here every day. Thank you so much for stopping by, and also to everyone who took the time to comment. I toast you with my e-wine glass!

With that said, for all the new readers out there, here are some posts I’d like to share with you, which will help familiarize you with my blog. Click on their titles to view them if you haven’t already. 🙂

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“It’s amazing how people can get so excited about a rocket to the moon and not give a damn about smog, oil leaks, the devastation of the environment with pesticides, hunger, disease”
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